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"He who fails to plan is planning to fail." Winston Churchill.

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Research for new businesses

When you’re starting your business it’s important to make a good start. Very often new businesses are not financially secure enough to take hits in their first few years of trading. We can help.

Whatever your needs are - we can support your vision in giving your business the firm foundations they need. For example you may need:

  • Interviews with potential customers
  • Competitor analysis
  • Assessment of size and structure of the market
  • Analysis of key decision makers
  • Evaluation of marketing channels
  • Study of distribution channels

If you have no money allocated for market research our blogs and downloads will help you to do the work yourself.  Simple information requirement can be resolved through three services:


  • A basic package for dealing with a simple inquiry over the size of the market etc
  • A fixed price option that offers a predictable price for a market overview
  • In depth research to help businesses with a more detailed assessment of customers involving a high degree primary research (interviews or focus groups with customers)


Whatever your business need, please contact Tom at Planned Market Research for an informal chat about your needs,  there is no cost at this stage and no hard sell.

If you have any doubts about the importance of market research in giving you the foundations your business needs - have a look what the UK government says here



Evidence-based decision making

Understand your market
to maximise opportunity.

Customer Insight

Can you afford not to know
what your customer is thinking?

Marketing and PR

Strengthen your brand
by using market research.