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"He who fails to plan is planning to fail." Winston Churchill.

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Thank you for visiting the home of Planned Market Research.

If you are looking for information to help you with a major business decision – from starting a business to underpinning success with a new product, Planned Market Research can help you.


The owner of Planned Market Research set up the company to offer value for money to the entire business community, providing customer insight as well as well as market research and analysis.

He was fed up with the mantra of “fail fast and fail cheaply” as this was not helpful to many businesses or managers, damaging their personal reputation and in some cases have even worse consequences.

How we can help you depends on the support or information you need:

  • Communication – if you feel that your marketing messages or the timing of your messages could be improved
  • Innovation – if you are looking to make a change and want to understand the best way to do make the change
  • Customer experience – if you need to know what your customers really think and how you can use positive experiences to grow the company
  • Business planning – if you need an evidence-based marketing strategy for your business

If you are looking for support you can take advantage of a free, no obligation consultation or if you are looking to undertake online market research yourself there are a number of specific market research resources that you can access.

The owner of the company and your project manager is a Certified member of the Market Research Society (CMRS) who is also Prince2 qualified. For more information click here or visit his Linkedin page for testimonials and research related articles.

 For more information and to request an informal conversation email or call 0800 0937 883.


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